Certified AgLab is the leader in quality assurance and safety testing for the
Medical Cannabis community. We were the first independent analytical laboratory
to provide medical Cannabis testing in the state of Nevada.

Our owners have been involved in the Environmental Testing industry since 1987
and bring their knowledge, education and technical abilities to the Cannabis
community. We currently have a fully operational testing facility that contains
state of the art instrumentation and the latest LIMs system (Laboratory
Information System). With the growth of the Cannabis industry we are committed
to providing accurate results and promoting consumer confidence by establishing a
higher standard of testing for quality and safety in Cannabis and Cannabis
products consumed by the public.

Our Mission

Certified AgLab is committed to providing services that are accessible and
affordable to each and every individual who desires to understand the quality of
their product. We are dedicated and committed to working with State and City
regulators to assure that requirements are met and regulations followed. We
believe that the Cannabis community deserves safe and clean Cannabis to